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Welcome to BPS Weekly Newsletter -  26th June

Good Afternoon

We hope you are all keeping well and that you have been able to enjoy the lovely weather that we have had this week with the country seeing the hottest day of the year!

We continue to see the great work that everyone is doing through the Home Learning portals - we hope that everyone is enjoying it.  We do appreciate how difficult it must be for our families to juggle work and homeschooling but we think that you all are doing amazingly well. 

We continue to review our provision here on a weekly basis and will update as and when we have any new plans.

We hope that everyone has a lovely weekend.


 A Thank You from The Governors

The Governors would like to say Thank You to all of our parents for the support they have shown the school during these unprecedented times and for also making sure social distancing measures are adhered to when dropping off and picking up Key Worker children from school.

They would also like to thank all staff for their hard work and commitment over this time, ensuring that the school remained open for Key Worker children over the Easter Holiday's, the Bank Holiday's and Half Term.  They really appreciate the support the staff have shown to the school.

Please be advised that at this present time, the Governors have decided that they are NOT looking to open school through the Summer Holiday period.  Should this decision be changed, we will of course provide an update.


Year 1 Pupils - Welcomed Back on June 22nd

We welcomed back to school a group of Year 1 children on Monday.  It has been lovely to see them all.

We are very impressed how quickly they have settled back into school and are enjoying the activities that they are completing. They have also spent time outside playing in the lovely weather.

These pupils have no contact with the other groups and are taught in Little Bells by Mrs Ruscoe and Mrs James.

At this time, it is unlikely that we will be having any further Year 1's into school before the end of term but we are reviewing this weekly and we will provide an update should this change.


Year 6

We are delighted to be able to welcome back a new 'Bubble' of children on the 6th July.  We look forward to seeing them, please refer to entry and exit times set out below.


Entry and Exit Arrangements 

Please stick strictly to the staggered start and home times to allow for social distancing.

If you are outside of these times, we will not be able to accept your child


Start Time

Home Time

Year 1

(Little Bells)

9:15 - 9:30am

2:30 - 2:45pm

Year 6

(Key Stage 2 Rooms)

8.45 - 9.05 am


Key Workers

8:30 - 8.45 am



For those children coming into school, we ask that if you feel your child is unwell or showing any symptoms please keep them at home and inform the school as soon as possible. 


Reception Pupils

At present, it is unlikely that we will be having any Reception Children back to school before the end of term but are reviewing this each week.

We have to ensure it is as safe as possible before we can consider them due to the limited nature of our building and social distancing requirements.


Little Bells

It is unfortunately unlikely that Little Bells will be open before September.


Further Information From Shropshire Council

View document position_statement.pdf

View document kb_1265_parents_and_carers_letter.pdf




TTROCKSTARS battles each week! 10 Points for a Win, 5 Points for a Draw!

19th June

Year 3 - 851 Year 6- 46 Winner Year 3 (10 Points)

Year 5-  5388 vs Year 4- 688 Winner Year 5 (10 Points)

















Next Battle ends 3rd July!

Year 4 vs Year 6

Year 6 vs Year 4


Numbots for Reception and Key Stage 1

Work to gain points for your class!






8th May





22nd May 





5th June





19th June





 If any child does not have a login please phone us!



Please phone the school on 01743 365211 by 10am each morning to request a packed lunch for your child/ren.  You will be able to collect these from 11.30am at the school gate. Vouchers will be available over the summer holidays we will contact you when these are ready.



We are at full capacity for key worker children so unfortunately we can't take on anymore pupils at present. We do now have a waiting list!


Please ensure you email us by the end of week to let us know your requirements for the following week to:


Reception and Little Bells

Thank you to all those that continue to upload items onto Tapestry.  It has been lovely to see what learning activities the children have been up to.  Please continue to upload the activities you are completing as these will all go towards their EYFS end of year assessment.


Kingswood Refunds

We have had a number of enquiries regarding refunds for the cancelled school trips to Kingswood.

We are in contact with Kingswood regarding refunds for the residential trips and we hope to refund everyone entitled before the end of term. 


 Art Work Completed At Home

We are impressed with all the wonderful work being completed by our pupils at home!  



















Art Work from Home Birch

(13 images)

Created: 7 May 20 13:55 | Last modified: 17 Jun 20 11:07

Art Work from Home Beech

(12 images)

Created: 7 May 20 09:52 | Last modified: 2 Jun 20 09:50

Art work from Home Maple

(19 images)

Created: 7 May 20 14:08 | Last modified: 2 Jun 20 09:38

Art Work from Home Cedar

(4 images)

Created: 7 May 20 13:37 | Last modified: 21 May 20 09:17

Art Work from Home Willow

(1 images)

Created: 21 May 20 09:00 | Last modified: 21 May 20 09:02





















We have had a great deal of support and very kind messages from parents, which we really appreciate during this difficult time.